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    Hi Mountain Seasonings Jerky Board Now Available Separately

    RIVERTON, Wyo. (July 14, 2011) — Slicing perfect jerky strips from whole meat is always easy with Hi Mountain Seasonings’ Jerky Board. This popular item, originally offered as part of the Jerky Board and Knife kit and the Jerky King kit, is now available as an individual item.

    This double-sided cutting board is crafted from select hardwoods. One side is made for cutting 1/4-inch-thick strips of beef and venison, and the other side allows for 3/8-inch-thick strips and is perfect for poultry. A wooden insert is also included for delicate cuts of meat. This easy-to-use Jerky Board and insert retails for $21.99.

    For those interested in all- inclusive jerky making package, Hi Mountain offers the Jerky Board & Knife set which comes complete with the Jerky Board and insert; a custom-made, hollow-ground razor-sharp jerky knife; a full-sized Original Jerky Cure & Seasoning; and a shaker of Western Style Steak Seasoning. This kit retails for $39.99.

    The Jerky King kit also includes the Jerky Board and insert, and it comes complete with the custom-made, hollow-ground razor-sharp jerky knife; a 13.5 by 13.5 inch square, chrome-plated jerky screen; and two popular Hi Mountain Jerky Cure & Seasoning kits. This jerky making masterpiece retails for $46.99.

    Whether you are looking for individual items to make jerky at home, or you are looking for a kit with everything you need, Hi Mountain Seasonings has what you need to make delicious and perfectly sliced jerky every time.

    Hi Mountain’s entire line of products, cooking tips, instructional videos, and recipes are also available at, and the products can be found at high-quality sporting goods stores, farm and ranch stores and your local grocery stores.

    Located in the heart of Wyoming, Hi Mountain Seasonings was founded in 1991. It is the premier manufacturer of kits for homemade jerky and sausage. Hi Mountain Seasonings has successfully captured distinct, traditional Western flavors in its Jerky Cure & Seasonings, Western Style Seasonings, Bacon cures and other products that make up the unique line of gourmet Western seasonings. In 2011, Hi Mountain Seasonings introduced a line of delicious freeze-dried Camping Meals.

    For additional information, write: Hi Mountain Seasonings, 1000 College View Drive, Riverton, WY 82501; call toll-free 1-800-829-2285; or visit the company website at


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