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    ProControll Introducing EZ Mount II

    KANSAS CITY, Kansas- One of the most important factors to successfully catching fish from a boat is the ability to have complete boat control, and the trolling motor is known to be the critical tool for providing that kind of positioning.

    However, the dilemma over the years is that not all boats allow placement of the trolling motor exactly where anglers would like for it to be. Sometimes it seems as if there’s really no good place at all for an electric motor. ProControll has the solution in its new EZ Mount II.

    EZ Mount II is a universal bracket that receives any model of transom mount electric trolling motor for placement virtually anywhere on any boat having a 3-inch or less top rail. The EZ Mount II’s versatility makes it the superior choice for use with any jon or utility boat since it can be affixed most anywhere around the boat’s perimeter, not just on the transom.

    The innovative EZ Mount II replaces any transom electric trolling motor bracket, converting the motor to a versatile mount-almost-anywhere-on-the-boat option for the ultimate in angler operation and boat control.

    The EZ Mount II looks and works like a traditional U-bracket that overlaps a bow or gunnel edge and is secured by screw clamps. What makes it different is that it also has an adjustable underside exterior bracket that can be snugged up against any contour. With the lower bracket secured on the outside of the boat and the screw clamps tightened over the top, the EZ Mount II is locked firmly in place and ready to go.

    EZ Mount II installation is quick and easy with no adapters necessary. Replacing the trolling motor’s original bracket with the EZ Mount II requires only basic mechanical skills, a Phillips screwdriver, small wrench and just a few minutes of time. Nothing has to be done to the motor’s lower unit at all; everything happens at the motor’s head.

    Four Simple Installation Steps:

    1) Usually there are six screws on the underside of the trolling motor’s head that have to be removed to free the top half for access to the wiring inside. Unplug the wires (typically four or five) that connect the head’s wiring to the ones that run down into the shaft.

    2) Next, remove the screws or bolt located in the collar underneath the lower half of the head that secures the head to the shaft. With that done, the shaft should slip freely from its bracket.

    3) Then slide the EZ Mount II back onto the shaft and reposition the lower half of the head while the EZ Mount II works with any model of transom electric motor and takes only minutes to install, paying attention to the motor’s tiller handle before securing it again to the shaft. If you want the motor mounted on the front or side to pull the boat, position the end of the tiller handle so that it points toward the prop. If you want the motor mounted on the transom to push the boat, reconnect the head to the shaft so that the tiller handle points away from the prop. Then secure the head to the shaft, plug the wires back together and replace the top half of the head.

    4) Now all you have left to do is to affix the EZ Mount II to the boat using its screw clamps – no tools necessary – and go fishing.

    The EZ Mount II is constructed of strong fiberglass reinforced nylon that eliminates rusting problems and withstands all types of harsh marine environments. All metal parts are stainless steel or zinc plated for protection against corrosion, so the bracket will last as long the trolling motor. The EZ Mount II measures 13″L x 7.5″W x 10.5″H and weighs about 5 pounds.

    Not only is the EZ Mount II a versatile conversion for any transom mount trolling motor, it also provides a viable solution to replacing a motor’s original mount that might be cracked or otherwise broken. In many cases, the EZ Mount II is an upgrade in bracket quality for what often comes with many transom mount lower-thrust electric motors. The better bracket and added flexibility makes the EZ Mount II a great deal at its suggested $79.95 price.

    Additionally, the EZ Mount II makes any traditional transom electric trolling motor the perfect accessory for mobile anglers to carry for use on rental and car-top boats.

    The new EZ Mount II is backed by a one-year warranty and outstanding customer support.

    For more information on the EZ Mount II and other innovative trolling motor brackets, visit www.ProControll.com.

    Mike Rhodes (877) 721-9888

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