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    SylvanSport Names Torklift Central as Exclusive Pacific-Northwest Distributor

    SylvanSport has announced a new and exclusive distributor relationship with Torklift Central of Kent, WA.  Torklift Central, a full service RV specialist will be selling, servicing and supporting SylvanSport GOs to the entire Pacific-Northwest region including Washington, Oregon, Montana and Idaho.

    Torklift Central has been in the towing and RV business for over 34 years. Located in Kent, WA, Torklifts focus is on quality work, done right the first time, every time. Torklift Central Welding is the original location in down town Kent, specializing in custom fabrication, welding, and towing applications. Torklift Central’s new second location (also in Kent, WA) specializes in everything RV, from appliances to remodels, repairs and even oil changes.

    “We are really excited to become the official distributor of SylvanSport for this region.  The ‘GO’ is the Swiss Army Knife of trailers, it’s not just a tow-behind… it’s a dream machine for life’s on the road adventures” said Chris Louden, Outside Sales Manager for Torklift Central. “We can’t wait to show off the ‘GO’. We’ll be attending Cyclefest & Bikemania on July 22nd and the 20th Annual Courage Classic, August 6th – 8th with brand new 2011 ‘GOs’ ”.

    SylvanSport continues to expand their coverage in the US and Canada. “By selectively opening distributors and dealers that are in sync with the ideals of SylvanSport and the GO, we can reach more customers and give a much more fulfilling sales and support experience” said Kyle Mundt, Director of Marketing for SylvanSport.

    To speak with SylvanSport about joining the expanding SylvanSport network, call them at (828) 883-4292 or [email protected]


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