Out of the Wild: Prothonotary Warbler

    Get up close and personal with critters of the Cache River wetlands. Each month, we will feature one of more animals and provide opportunities to see, touch, and learn about wildlife that finds a home in the Cache River wetlands.

    This month’s featured animal is the Prothonotary warbler. Join Nicole Davros as she delves into the life of this unique migratory songbird. The Prothonotary warbler breeds in forested wetlands and swamps throughout much of the eastern and southeastern U.S., including southern Illinois. It is one of two North American warblers that nest in secondary tree cavities, readily accepting nest boxes made out of milk and juice cartons.

    For nearly two decades, Davros and the research team, funded by the Illinois Natural History Survey, have been studying these birds in the Cache River watershed using both nest boxes and natural cavities. During the presentation, Nicole Davros will show the nest boxes used to study the warblers and discuss concepts and conclusions learned from the team’s research. Afterwards, there will be a short hike to the Tunnel Hill State Trail in an attempt to capture a male Prothonotary warbler using a method called mist netting.

    Location: Cache River Wetlands Center

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