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    Strut and Rut Energy Shot Creates Alliance With Shawn Michaels MacMillan River Adventures

    ROSWELL, Georgia – Solvi Brands, LLC has unleashed the most anticipated energy shot of the year for outdoor addicts and is pleased to announce their strategic partnership with Shawn Michaels MacMillan River Adventures. The tenacious team of hosts, Keith Mark and WWE Legend Shawn Michaels, look to make a powerful punch in this year’s Outdoor Channel programming.

    Strut and Rut Energy Shot will be the official energy product that the MacMillan River Adventures team will use to boost their productivity, alertness, and success in the field. The ultimate combination of pure muscle and adrenaline forged with a jolt of natural energy will make MacMillan River Adventures one of the most explosive outdoor television shows of the year.

    “Strut and Rut Energy Shot fuses together a mixture of uncompromising energy with a ‘no crash’ performance, which makes it an optimal remedy for a quick energy boost,” remarked Shawn Michaels. “Keith and I live on Strut and Rut Energy Shots both in the field and off.”

    Strut and Rut Energy Shot brings new life and a second-wind into the outdoorsman’s world. The flavorful 2.5 FL oz jolt of pomegranate will enhance your focus and fortitude during your next outdoor adventure. Stuff it in your turkey vest, whitetail pack, or tackle box for a swift energy explosion that delivers uncompromising energy and “No Crash” performance.

    The bold shotgun shell shaped bottle contains both a quick blast and sustained level of natural energy with no sugar, no calories, and zero carbs that will keep them more alert, productive, and aggressive on the water or in the field; without the crash found in most energy products. The energy shot blends all-natural ingredients including Ginseng and Guarana to counteract fatigue and amplify mental and physical endurance. In addition, the great tasting energy shot has zero calories, no sugar, and no carbohydrates.”We are thrilled to have the Strut and Rut brand affiliated with the show,” stated Tom Mahlke, President of Strut and Rut Energy Shot. “It has a huge fan base and following that we’re thrilled to be a part of.”

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