Whitetail Properties TV to Showcase Best Season Yet

    When it comes to land and deer herd management, the proof is in the pudding. Large numbers of giant bucks – that’s what the folks at Whitetail Properties worked for, and that’s what they got during the 2010 hunting season. The best of those hunts will air on Whitetail Properties TV beginning June 29, 2011 on the Sportsman Channel. Count ’em — 40 whitetail kills, with three deer measuring over 200 inches. Those who tune in will get to watch Cal Bergsma down his magnificent, record-breaking 217″ Illinois whitetail, and Gabe Adiar and Derek Grimsrud don’t disappoint with their impressive 206- and 204-inchers respectively.

    “I’ve been involved in filming whitetails for more than 20 years, and I have never been a part of anything as exciting as the 2010 Season of Whitetail Properties TV,” says Dan Perez, Whitetail Properties TV host. “The 200-inch deer are incredible, but even more impressive are the age and the aggregate score of the bucks we put on the ground this season.”

    Hunts on Whitetail Properties land spanning Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Nebraska, Kansas and Wisconsin resulted in 6,258″ of antler harvested for an average of 157″. Eighteen of the bucks averaged 160″ or bigger while eight bucks scored 170″ or bigger.

     “What’s really cool is that for the most part, there is a story behind each one of these big bucks – thousands of trail camera pictures, shed antlers, encounters over the years and velvet footage,” Pete Alfano, land specialist, says. “I could go on, but the bottom line is, we knew a lot of these bucks well. We put them on a hit list and took them out. There’s just something special about harvesting a buck off a piece of property that you own and manage.”

    Transforming an average piece of land into a true whitetail paradise requires time, energy and a wealth of knowledge. Whitetail Properties TV demonstrates what it takes to acquire and intensively manage property to produce trophy animals most hunters can only dream of.

    Each episode features an exciting hunt, while illuminating the benefits and virtues of owning a slice of the dream. The hunting action is intense, up-close and in-your-face, while the hunt breakdown and property review are both informative and entertaining. Property owners and managers around the country can apply this information to transform their land into a whitetail hunter’s dream.

     “It’s really fun to see that by practicing what we preach, the results are paying off,” Paul Sawyer, Whitetail Properties chief operating officer, says. “This will be a truly great season of outdoor television, and we are honored to share our unbelievable footage with our fans.”

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