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    Sarah Laufer, CEO of Play Outdoors Dishes Dirt on Family Camping

    Bend, Oregon, May 24, 2011 –

    The Do’s and Don’ts – Go ahead…you’ve been warned

    PLAY OUTDOORS recently debuted its humorous “how-to” family camping video on YouTube which documents the trials and tribulations of one family’s quest to enjoy an outdoor adventure together.  The PLAY OUTDOORS mission is to not only encourage ruckus, but to instigate ruckus with everything from the products we carry to the advice we give. Watch the video, read the tips – you’ll be Ruckus-Ready before you know it!

    • Do your homework- research your vacation destination. Everything from the location of your specific site, to the activities and entertainment it may offer. There’s nothing like being sandwiched between the outhouses and the lodge for the karaoke all-nighter!
    • Don’t assume that because the campsite is well developed that there are not wildlife or foliage to watch out for – nothing is worse than calamine-dipped, scratching children and a husband that has lost his prized catch of the day to a nighttime visitor.
    • Do have the kids run through pitching the tent in the backyard- no joke! This will ensure there are no punctures or pieces missing before you’re on-site, and it’s too late. Make a game of it-a little friendly competition for shelter never hurt anyone.
    • Don’t assume that since you’re more advanced than a caveman that making a fire is easy! Just as we tell our children, practice makes perfect, there is an art to making a campfire. This is important as a weekend with starving children and a humiliated husband is no picnic!
    • Do go with the flow! Enjoy the wilderness that surrounds you, sure you miss the kitchen sink and your husband won’t stop complaining about missing the game, but one thing is certain – the children are having the time of their lives! Follow suit, this was after all…your bright idea.

    ABOUT SARAH LAUFER – Mother, Lawyer, Environmentalist, Paddler, Cyclist, Snowboarder, CEO
    Sarah Laufer, 37, is a “girl from Brooklyn” who can’t get enough of the outdoors. As a child, she and her family spent most summers camping and backpacking in Nova Scotia, away from the noise and heat of the city. In college, Sarah pursued her love of the outdoors working as a ski boat instructor and whitewater river guide while earning her undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and J.D. in law. When she wasn’t working, Sarah was on a snowboard honing her big mountain riding skills.   In 2008, she left the corporate world to spend more time with her two young children and launched PLAY OUTDOORS. Sarah is also a board member of the Upper Deschutes Watershed Council, Founding Member of Opportunity Knocks Women’s CEO team and was voted a 40 Under 40 award winner by the Cascade Business News in 2009.


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