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    What is an Ice Hotel and How Can I Stay in One?

    Ice Hotel

    If you are a winter sports enthusiast, then you probably love all things related to winter sports. One thing that many winter sports enthusiasts have come to love over the years are ice hotels. If you have never heard of an ice hotel, they are hotels that are completely made out of snow and ice.

    One of the most famous ice hotels is ICEHOTEL, located in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden. In this hotel, everything from the beds to the walls to the chairs is made out of ice. Temperatures inside the ice hotel are kept at 23 degrees fahrenheit. This prevents the ice from melting, but keeps it warm enough for guests to be comfortable.

    People from over 80 different countries come to visit ICEHOTEL every year. It is known as an extremely fun place to visit and also as a great romantic destination. ICEHOTEL only is open for around four months every year, because it is only cold enough during the winter.

    People who stay at ICEHOTEL use special sleeping bags that are designed to retain the maximum amount of heat. They also provide extremely warm blankets. So guests actually can be very cozy while they stay at the ICEHOTEL.

    How do I stay at ICEHOTEL?

    If you would like to stay at ICEHOTEL, then you should go to their website,, and book your stay. However, make sure that you do it during one of Sweden’s colder months of the year. If you try to book during their warmer months, you won’t be able to. Instead, you will have to wait until the colder months when the ice hotel is actually there and when it isn’t melted.

    If you do book a stay at ICEHOTEL, prepare to have a fantastic time and to create some really unique memories!

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