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    Advice for Dealing With Dangerous Animals During Your Winter Sports Adventures

    Backcountry skiing, snowmobiling, ice climbing, etc, can all be extremely fun. However, when you and your friends are traversing the wilderness to get to your sport location, there is a chance that you may encounter dangerous wild animals. In fact, you could run into all of the following animals, bears, wolves, bobcats, and more. Here is some advice for you if you do encounter any of these animals.

    Carry Weapons With You

    These weapons can include handguns, rifles, bear spray canisters, knives, etc. The last thing you want to happen is for you or your group to be facing a wolf back or an angry grizzly bear without any means of defending yourself. The best way to defend yourself is to make sure that you have the weapons you will need with you before you set out.

    Put Your Arms Above Your Head to Seem Larger

    If you do happen to encounter a bear, a mountain lion, or a bobcat, then you can put your arms above your head to seem larger. This will make you seem more intimidating to the animal, and less like prey. The less you seem like prey, the better. Then try to back away slowly.

    Make Loud Noises

    Loud noises such as the banging of pots and pans or yelling can frighten wild animals. So, you may be able to deter any attacks by making loud noises. It may be wise to carry something with you that makes loud noises such as an air horn.

    Get to a Safer Area

    If you are being attacked by wolves or coyotes, then climbing a tree can be very wise because they cannot climb. This is obviously not true for bears, mountain lions, and bobcats, however. But, you may be able to escape from these animals by getting to a car, a cabin, or another concealed area.

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