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    How to Survive an Avalanche

    how to survive an avalanche

     Avalanches present a deadly threat to skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers, and anyone else who ventures into the mountains during winter time. Avalanches can happen extremely quickly and without warning. If you are caught in an avalanche, then it could put your life in danger. Here are some of the top tips for show to survive an avalanche.

    Make sure you wear an avalanche beacon

    An avalanche beacon is a small radio that will transmit your location to rescue crews if an avalanche occurs. These small devices have already saved many lives by allowing rescue crews to reach avalanche victims before they suffocate. You should definitely invest in one if you regularly travel into avalanche-prone areas.

    Figure out which way is down, then dig in the opposite direction

    You can spit to see which way gravity carries your spit, then you will know that that way is down. Dig in the opposite direction. You may only be a foot or two from the surface when you are buried in an avalanche. A small amount of digging in the right direction could save your life. You should also try to open up space in front of your face so you have room to breath.

    Try To Stay Calm

    If you start panicking and breathing really fast, then you will use up the oxygen quicker. In most cases, you should have up to fifteen minutes of breathing time. You should use this time to calmly try to dig your way out. If you can’t make it all the way out, then you want to aim to at least create a breathing hole on the surface. If you can successfully punch a hole out of the snow, then it can increase your chances of surviving. It can also help rescue personnel to find you. You can still a ski pole or goggles out of the hole if possible to further help them locate you.

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