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    How to stop water from freezing this winter

    How to stop water from freezing this winter | ActionHub

    No matter the weather outside, it’s always important to stay hydrated while being active outdoors. Snowshoeing, skiing, winter hiking or camping all require you to be well-hydrated, but things can get complicated if the water in your bottle freezes or your water bottle gets frozen shut. Prevent this dangerous and uncomfortable situation with the following tips, which will help you stop water from freezing this winter.

    Purchase a wide-mouth water bottle

    The wider your water bottle’s mouth is, the longer it will take for the water to freeze completely over the opening. For your winter adventures, get a water bottle with a full mouth to extend the freezing process.

    Carry your water bottle as close to your body as possible

    Take advantage of the inside pockets of your winter jacket and use them to store your water bottle, or make sure to carry it close to your body, letting your body heat do the work. However, you should only do this if you’re being active and exerting heat. Keeping a cold water bottle next to your body when you’re resting or sleeping will just make you colder.

    Bury your water bottle in the snow

    When you’re camping during the winter, a great way to keep your water from freezing is to bury it in the snow, as snow is a fantastic insulator. It may sound strange, but burying your water bottle will stop it from freezing overnight. Just make sure you mark the spot where you buried it, so you don’t go crazy trying to find it the next morning!

    Carry your water bottle upside down

    The water in your bottle will freeze from the top down, so one way to beat the system is to carry your bottle upside down. Therefore, if your water starts to freeze, you can still open the bottle and drink the unfrozen water.

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