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    How to Get up On One Waterski

    As a natural progression from being able to ski with two skis, the challenge is to learn how to ski with one. This adds an interesting dynamic to the sport, allowing you to go faster and carve easier. If you want to get more serious about the sport, then it is very important that you’re able to start on one ski.

    Dropping a Ski

    The first natural progression from two skis is learning how to drop one while skiing. It will be strange for a while until you find the balance. As a learner, there will be countless times that you’ll go to drop a ski and wipe out. Once you are a lot more comfortable being able to navigate on one ski, you’re ready to attempt the deep start.

    Deep Start

    This is something many people worry about and begin to overthink, but the truth is that a deep start doesn’t need to be a fight and struggle. With the correct setup and technique, while remaining calm, a deep start should feel a breeze.

    Setting Up

    For some, simply sitting in the water comfortable and finding the balance can be hard. When sitting in the water, waiting for the boat to pull, bring your knees to your chest and remain in a tight position.

    Boiling down to personal preference, you can choose to start with both feet in your boots, allowing you to apply a little bit more pressure as you’re pulled up. The other way is to drag your back foot through the water, allowing you to counter balance more easily.

    As the boat begins to pull you, resist the temptation to ‘fight it’. Too many people think about trying to pull themselves up. Remember, the boat does that part for you, so allow it to do so,

    Keep your arms extended, legs tucked up and keep your chest up. As the boat pulls, you will gradually be pulled up onto your ski. Due to the fact there is little surface area on a single ski (compared to a wakeboard), the boat needs to pull fast for you to stand up. This means that you shouldn’t expect to pop up fairly instantly, wait it out and stay tucked up until you can really feel yourself begin to get on top of the water.

    At this point, feel free to stand up, push your hips forward and get into your comfortable skiing position.


    You will miss a start, whether it’s on your first 10 attempts or your 100th. They trick is to keep it simple, don’t fight and maintain your position.

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