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    3 Simple Ways to Brew Coffee Outdoors

    There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by nature, possibly on a frosty day and enjoy a perfect cup of coffee. If you’re camping, you may be out for several days, and if you’re anything like us, it’s important to wake up to your normal coffee fix before a day of hiking.

    The trouble is, how on earth are you supposed to brew a great coffee without the luxuries of home? Well, actually it doesn’t have to be that difficult at all and there are a few reliable ways you can get your fix and enjoy it.

    The Cowboy Way


    As the name suggests, this is a tried and tested, stripped back method, requiring very little. All you need to brew a coffee this way is beans, water, and a pot. Although you may not get the best tasting cup, it’s certainly one of the best ways to get into the camping spirit.

    • Boil a pot of water
    • Once boiling, let it sit for 30 seconds
    • Add a couple of tablespoons of ground coffee and stir
    • After a few minutes of stir, sit, stir, you will have a perfectly good cup of coffee

    The French Press

    A French Press is a relatively light and portable way to get a fantastic cup of coffee on the go. Additionally, a French Press won’t take up too much room in your backpack. Simply heat up water, pour it into the French Press and then put in the coffee. After you let it sit, press it down and there’s your brew!



    Yes, we saw your eyes rolling there. Ok, instant coffee isn’t the best, we know that. However, when camping, it’s sometimes all that is needed and can save a lot of unnecessary hassle.

    This is possibly the simplest coffee-brewing process which makes it ideal if you’re short on time and space in your backpack. All you need to heat up the water, add the instant stuff in and stir. This method won’t give you the same satisfaction as brewing your own, but it’s an easy way to get your fix in the morning.

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