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24 Hacks to Survive Winter Camping

Thinking of going camping this winter? Are people calling you crazy? Don’t worry; we understand why winter camping is so popular. There’s no insects, fewer people and a lot of the wildlife is in hibernation.

Camping during the winter can be beautiful and peaceful, but also very very cold. Use our list of helpful hacks to survive your winter camping trip.

Buy A Warm Sleeping Bag

Invest in a warm sleeping bag that’s fit for the conditions. For a winter sleeping bag, you’re looking at a temperature rating of +10° and lower.

Assess The Ground

Don’t pitch your tent in the first spot you come across. Under the snow, there could be mud and lumps which will lead to an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Instead, take your time to check for even ground.

Bring The Right Clothing


This point may seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t pack appropriate clothing. If you’re camping in the winter, you need to dress appropriately. A t-shirt and jeans aren’t going to suffice. Pack a base layer, mid layer, waterproof jacket and pants, insulating hat, gloves, balaclava, waterproof over mitts, goggles, and dry clothing for camp.

DIY Hand Warmer

Create your own hand warmers using this quick and easy tutorial.

Find The Sunny Spot

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that the sun can’t shine. Put your tent up in a place where the sun shines for the longest; this will add a bit of extra warmth to your tent.

Insulate Using Tights

Wear tights under your pants, they help to maintain your body heat. Yes, guys, even you. Don’t be shy, embrace the tights!

Add Screws To Your Shoes


Get some screws in your shoes to add a bit of traction; they’ll help to prevent you from slipping on icy patches.

Waterproof Your Shoes

When you buy waterproof shoes, over time, the treatment can wear off. Before you go away camping, make sure to re-treat your shoes with a waterproof spray.

DIY Mittens

Got some old sweaters? Don’t throw them out! Make some DIY mittens to keep your hands cozy this camping trip.

Sandwich Bag Socks

Put some sandwich bags over your regular socks. They’ll not only stop your water from penetrating your socks, but they’ll also help to keep your feet insulated.

DIY Hot Water Bottle


Boil some water on your camping stove and pour it into your water bottle. Now you have yourself a DIY hot water bottle that will keep you super warm during the night.

Orange Peel Fire Starter


If you have some oranges with you on your camping trip, don’t discard the peel. It’s a great fire starter due to the oils in the skin.

Pick The Best Camping Towels

Microfiber towels are great for camping. They’re light, super absorbent and dry quickly. If you don’t want to bring wet shoes into your tent, wrap them inside of a microfiber towel and overnight the dampness will be absorbed.

Snug On A Rug

Buy a rug that fits inside of your tent; this will insulate the bottom of your tent from the cold ground.

Repower Your Batteries


Re-power your batteries by keeping them warm. Keep your flashlight inside of your sleeping bag to get some extra power.

Sleep With Your Clothes

If you know what you’re going to be wearing the next day, put the clothes inside of your sleeping bag with you. They might come out a little crinkled, but they’ll be nice and warm for you to wear the next morning.

Yoga Mats Aren’t Just For Yoga


If you have a yoga mat, bring it on your camping trip and use it under your sleeping bag for comfort and insulation.

DIY Sleeping Bag Liner

The lining of your sleeping bag is what keeps you warm. If you’re on a budget, and you can’t afford a new and warmer sleeping bag, create your own flannel liner.

DIY Toilet

If you wake up needing the bathroom, but you don’t want to go outside into the cold, dark, night, we have a solution. Create your own en-suite by using a water bottle or bucket inside of your tent.

Sleep Like Sardines


If there are a few of you sharing a tent, sleep as close together as possible. This sleeping arrangement stops some of the cold air from rising through the floor of the tent.

Open The Tent Vents

Although it sounds crazy, keep the vents in your tent open, even if it’s freezing. Opening the vents will stop your breath from condensing and freezing inside of your tent.

Bring Extra Fuel

You may find yourself using more fuel than you thought you would while camping in cold weather. Make sure you come fully prepared with enough fuel to get you through your camping trip. Better to be safe than sorry!

Drink The Snow


Starting your day off with some water is essential, but what do you do if your water has frozen overnight? Find a fresh patch of snow and eat it. It will instantly melt in your mouth, providing you with some refreshing water.


Jog on the spot or do some jumping jacks to increase your body temperature before going into your tent.

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