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    Improve Your Snowboarding Skills With Yoga

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    When you think of improving your snowboarding skills, yoga probably isn’t the first thing that pops to mind. However, yoga is extremely beneficial to those who snowboard as it helps to warm up certain parts of the body, ultimately improving your performance.

    When you’re snowboarding, you frequently use your hips, legs, and shoulders. Yoga helps to relax the joints and muscles so that when you hit the slopes, you’re at lesser risk of injury. Not only can it contribute to improving your flexibility, but you’ll also notice that it refines your balance.

    Whether you’re a man or woman, performing yoga can significantly improve your snowboarding skills. Try these top poses to help improve your performance on the slopes.

    The Supine Pigeon Pose

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    How is it performed? Begin by laying flat on your back. Place your right ankle on your knee and leave it resting there. Carefully push your hips into to floor, and keep your head up. As you let out a breath, bring your left knee in toward your chest.

    How does it help? This yoga pose is brilliant for loosening the muscles in your legs and lower body. It improves flexibility and helps with recovery.

    The Downward Dog Pose

    How is it performed? You begin this pose by starting on your hands and knees. Make sure that your toes are on the floor and your wrists are underneath your shoulders. You then need to shift your weight and slowly raise your body. Distribute the weight evenly across your hands and feet until your body is in the shape of an upward down V.

    How does it help? When this pose is performed, all of the muscles that you regularly use get strengthened. It also helps improve flexibility in your calf, back, hamstring and shoulder muscles.

    The High Lunge Pose


    How is it performed? Start the pose in the downward dog then move your right foot so that it’s in between your hands. Make sure that your left foot is still resting on its ball. Keep your left heel raised, then lift your upper body and stretch your arms towards to sky. Keep your front right knee at a ninety-degree angle and make sure to inhale and exhale in even and controlled breaths.

    How does it help? This pose can contribute to improving balance while snowboarding. The high lunge also strengthens the hip flexors and lower body.

    The Chair Pose

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    How is it performed? Stand straight up and put your two big toes together so that they’re touching. Make a small gap between your heels then bend your knees. Bring your arms above your head and reach up, and as you’re doing this, take long and controlled breaths.

    How does it help? If you want to build up strength in your core and legs, this pose is perfect. When you’re snowboarding, for the majority of the time you’re in a squat-like position, and the chair pose helps to strengthen all of the muscles used.

    Five-Minute Yoga Tutorial

    If you’re someone that finds it easier to follow instructions from a video, then check out this warm-up tutorial. It’s a simple five-minute routine that everyone can perform, whether you’re a yoga pro or not.

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