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    Do You Know How to Tie Secure Knots?

    Tie Secure Knots | ActionHub

    The art of knot tying has long been seen as a fundamental outdoor and survival skill. If you’re experienced in the outdoors and knot tying, you’ll appreciate the important role it plays on any adventure or day out.

    For those less experienced, it’s easy to overlook just how handy it is to be able to tie a variety of knots for different situations. Being able to tie a strong knot can potentially save your life. However, at the very least, it can help to tie boats, place your hammock securely or even in first aid situations.

    Knot tying has sadly become a skill of the past, with very few people these days ever being taught the art. As modern technology advances, it appears people may value a skill like this less. Have you ever tried to anchor something down with a cell phone?

    This infographic from details how you can become a master of knots for camping, boating and fishing situations and more.

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