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Wakeboard Size Chart

Wakeboard Size Chart | ActionHub

Making sure you have picked the correct size of wakeboard can be incredibly confusing.

There are a variety of factors which dictate which size you should go for. There are also some myths flying around, which are less significant in determining the size. For example, your height doesn’t necessarily affect the size of wakeboard you should pick.

The single biggest factor in choosing a wakeboard is your weight. Generally, the heavier you are, the bigger the wakeboard you need to choose.

However, there are other key things you should consider, like your riding style and how advanced you are. Although these don’t dictate the size of board, they do affect what style of board you should choose.

If you are a beginner, you’ll want to choose a board which is forgiving and allows a few dodgy landings. Generally, the bigger the board, the easier it is for beginners due to a larger surface plane.

More advanced riders will usually go for boards which allow them to cut more aggressively, building up a lot of speed into the wake.

Below is a wakeboard size chart which is a good beginner’s guide to choosing the right wakeboard in both kg and lbs.

How to Size a Wakeboard

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