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    Make Your Own $20 Splash Skirt for Kayaking Season

    If you’re the owner of a recreational kayak and are looking for a splash/spray skirt; your options may be limited.  Many lower end models don’t have correct fitting skirts available through retailers or online; and the ones that are around aren’t cheap.  Do what this person did and make your own using a cardboard template, rip stop nylon, shock cord, and some sewing skills (or Stitch Witchery as used in the example).

    Start by tracing out a cardboard template of your cockpit (make sure to trace around the outside lip and give it some extra length so that your skirt will fit around it once done).  Next, trace it onto your nylon or cut out the material around your template.  To finish the shape, cut out a center hole for your body to go through.

    Here’s another way to make a template for your skirt:

    Image from eastcoastkayaking on YouTube

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