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A Guide to Buying a Paddleboard

If you’re looking to get into paddleboarding, a lot of options are available.  If you aren’t looking to get into it, then maybe this video will change your mind:

Paddleboarding is beneficial in many ways.  It can be used for recreation and relaxation, yoga, surfing wakes and waves, and racing.  Because of this, however, the types and price variations of paddleboards can be overwhelming.  To help get you started, here are some types of SUPs and their uses:

Touring SUPs: Touring SUPs are great as a multi-use paddleboard.  They can be used for long trips in comfort, or for around-the-lake daytime fun.  They are great for beginners and vary greatly in price.  These boards are often very stable and easy to learn on.  They can also carry coolers and pets for the ultimate excursion.

Inflatable SUPS: These SUPs are great for recreational use.  They can also be deflated and are more compact than traditional setups.  With this comes a usually lighter weight compared to traditional SUPs.  This is good for those living in smaller spaces or without garages to store the board in.  These are also good boards for the beginner.


Image via Isle Surf and Sup


Yoga boards: While nearly any paddleboard can be used for yoga, some manufacturers offer boards specifically designed for it.  It is a great way to refresh the body, mind, and spirit, and paddleboard yoga groups are commonplace in areas around lakes.  It is a great way to get into the sport and out on the water.

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Race SUPs: These are boards designed for those who want to get into the more competitive arena of paddleboarding.  These board are often more expensive and come in a wide variety of materials and shapes.  They also require more balancing skill than a traditional SUP.  Once at speed, however, these boards can be loads of fun and are a great workout.

Surf SUPs: These boards are shorter and narrower, intended for use where waves are present.  They are used to surf waves and are generally not used on flat water for recreation.  Those looking into surf SUPs are getting them for a dedicated reason.

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