How To

    Get Paid or Advertise Using Connect Widgets

    When you create Outdoor Hub Connect widgets, you are providing users on your website(s) access to great content and engaging conversations. If other websites have your Connect widgets embedded, then you are reaching even more consumers with your brand. There are numerous benefits for creating your own Outdoor Hub Connect widget, but likely the most popular is the opportunity to get paid or advertise your brand. To view a full list of benefits please read The Top Reasons You Should Use Outdoor Hub Connect Widgets.

    Unlike traditional content widgets, with Outdoor Hub Connect a user is not sent to a different website when they click within the widget to view content. Instead the user is shown a full view pop out box that contains the complete article/video. This means you or the website owner who’s embedded your widget receive the value of users remaining on site. Besides displaying quality content wrapped in your fully branded widget you will also notice a single advertisement that is shown in the full view pop out box. It’s important to note that any individual or business that creates an Outdoor Hub Connect widget is granted the option to show their own ads 50% of the time. The remaining 50% of ads shown are controlled by Outdoor Hub which may be purchased for complete 100% ad ownership. At Outdoor Hub we want you to have the freedom to advertise yourself, advertise for your sponsors, or run affiliate ads to generate revenue all while taking advantage of our free content library and Connect widget services.

    To demonstrate some unique ways for getting paid or to advertise your brand, here are a few examples.

    The Community Website Owner

    Often times when building a widget the community website owner will utilize content from the Outdoor Hub Connect Library while also showcasing their own RSS feeds, such as most popular forum threads. Besides using your own custom RSS feeds to drive traffic deeper into the website, it’s also very common for website owners to use the banner in the widget to promote an area within the website. A key point for website owners to remember is that others can grab your widget embed code and share it with their users, which means they will be showing your banner ads and even your custom RSS feeds to their website visitors. A well-constructed widget is not only a tool for his/her community but it also a marketable resource. It can be very profitable to sell these banner opportunities to sponsors or plug-in your affiliate banners, especially if your widgets reach consumers on multiple websites.

    Advertising Businesses Use Connect Widgets

    Just about any business can leverage Outdoor Hub Connect to improve brand marketing, public relations and even customer satisfaction. Here are some ways businesses should consider using Outdoor Hub Connect widgets:

    Use Connect widgets to go beyond banner advertising by working with Outdoor Hub to place a fully branded widget with road blocked banner ads into website communities. This will jump-start the number of website communities that engage your brand as they enjoy quality content. Outdoor Hub has multiple media placement opportunities and will be happy to assist you with this premium marketing device.

    At Outdoor Hub we can also help a brand receive exposure through Connect widgets by adding their content stream to existing widgets that already receive large-scale user engagement. This is called a Content Sponsorship and the widget owners will receive compensation for allowing content integration. Brands can go one step further by taking over the design and banner ads for existing widgets.

    Another great way to market through Connect widgets is to create your own fully branded content widget. A simple way to leverage Connect is to create an account for your brand and build your own custom widget at no charge that aggregates existing content produced by staff members, sponsored professionals or customers that can then be placed into the company website. Then, promote the embedding of your branded widgets to fans, partners or any other website that could gain from showcasing your content.

    Finally, Outdoor Hub suggests that large brands use their Connect account to develop specific content widgets for each sponsored professional or outside partner that they can embed as well as promote to their fans and partners. Because your content powers these widgets you are therefore increasing the distribution of your branded content.

    Affiliate Marketers Love Outdoor Hub Connect

    There are many website owners that run affiliate ads to generate revenue and like most common websites it can be difficult keeping up with the latest and greatest news, product reviews, entertaining videos and even the helpful how to tips. With Outdoor Hub Connect widgets, you can pull content from the hundreds of articles Outdoor Hub publishes every day or use your own custom RSS feeds. Besides providing entertaining content another great reason why affiliate marketers use Outdoor Hub Connect widgets is because users remain on website to enjoy the full article/video during which time affiliate advertisements can be shown. Finally, affiliate marketers use Outdoor Hub Connect widgets because widgets are sharable which means your affiliate ads could be running in multiple websites generating revenue while Outdoor Hub does all the work of updating content.

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