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    Easy to Carry As the Clothes On Your Back: Built-in Bug Repellent

    A new outdoor product that’s starting to hit the shelves insect-repellent clothing, gear you wear without having to spray yourself with additional insect repellents. There’s options for the hunter, hiker and intrepid explorer. We’ve compiled a list of a few companies and clothing lines that each provide their own versions of anti-bug products.

    • Craghoppers uses its NosiLife technology to create its insect-repellent clothing. The system, originally used by hospitals and bedding products against dust mites, uses a type of Permethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid to ward off mosquitoes and other bugs. It’s safe for mammals but toxic to all insects. Craghoppers claims NosiLife’s active ingredients drop mosquito bites by 80 to 90 percent and that the effect is permanent on the company’s website.
    • Rectec offers a different system of insect-repellent made specifically for the hunter. Rectec’s ET Edge Realtree camo shirt and cargo pants feature a mosquito repellent finishing in a system based on green nano-chemistry that does not harm human skin.
    • Columbia Sportswear makes a variety of bug-repellent clothing for men, women and children that have received positive reviews from users that have worn them for at least a few weeks or a season. The company uses their own registered Insect Blocker technology. It’s odorless and bonded tightly to fabric fibers so that it’ll be effective through 70 washes.
    • 6 Legged Tees is the newest player in the insect-repellent clothing field. The company uses similar technology to Craghoppers by treating their shirts with a process that binds Permethrin to a shirt’s fibers. 6 Legged Tees makes eco-friendly designer, screen-printed shirts for outdoors enthusiasts who hate getting bit by bugs.

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