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    12 Tips for Warm Feet on the Slopes

    So you have cold feet and it keeps you in the lodge and off the lift, here are a few tips for keeping the digits toasty this winter.

    1. Always dry your boots at night and for me that means take the bladders out and dry the shell and the bladders separately.
    2. Keep the boots warm on the way to the mountain and make your way quickly into the base lodge with them when you unload.
    3. Never wear your ski socks to the mountain. Especially if you have a drive longer than 10 minutes.
    4. Put on a fresh pair of socks in the base lodge
    5. If you have tight fitting ski boots where thin socks to give your toes some room and air in the boots.
    6. Tighten your power strap on the top of the boot
    7. Barely buckle the boots, keep them loose to the top of the lift
    8. First run buckle the upper cuff buckles only
    9. Ski several runs in this manner
    10. Buckle the lower buckles over the course of the morning
    11. Change socks at lunch time and repeat the above
    12. Most people ski with their boots over-buckled and cut off the circulation to their toes. Yes, boot heaters work and the toe warmers work too but I don’t have room for them in my boots.

    The most important thing is to start your day with a dry, warm boot and fresh socks and then let the blood get to your feet and by not over buckling your boots the blood will continue to flow to the toes. And remember, have fun while skiing its proven that fun improves circulation to the extremities!

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    Photo: Iwona Erskine-Kellie

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