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    Choosing the Right Bicycle

    Travelling by bicycle is becoming more and more popular for a number of reasons. Many folks are choosing to cycle to work or education as it is a healthier, more environmentally friendly and cheaper way to travel. I made the decision myself and thoroughly enjoy the cycle to work as it is certainly more enjoyable than sitting on packed public transport or in a major traffic jam! As well as that, there is also a rise in people embarking upon cycling as a hobby, either mountain biking, road biking or racing. You may have given some thought to taking up cycling yourself, but do not know where to start. Luckily for you, I have put together this piece to give you some help in choosing the right bicycle for your needs and budget.

    Folding Bikes

    Folding bikes are a popular choice for those commuting to work as they provide the same benefits as a rigid bike, but the fact that they can be folded and stored make them ideal for commuters. This allows the user to cycle from home to the bus or train, fold, store and then ride to work making them a sound investment for anyone who wants to make their commute healthier and more enjoyable. The quality of ride is not affected, but the ease and efficiency of the fold and storage makes them by far the best choice.

    Commuter/City/Urban Bikes

    Commuter bikes – also known as urban bikes or city bikes – are designed for use on roads and less for the country trails. If you live inner city and are not looking to go out on more rural treks but you are not looking to need to fold and stow the bike for commuting on public transport, then this type of bike is the one for you. These bikes are very versatile and you can add accessories onto them if you need to, for example saddlebags, luggage racks, mudguards etc.

    Mountain Bikes

    Mountain bikes are bikes that are specifically designed for off-road cycling. Mountain bikes must be able to withstand a variety of different demands such as steep declines, obstacles, dirt trails and rocky terrains. Wheels are wider and full front and rear suspension is common. The bikes are usually more expensive but are sturdy and seen as investment pieces for people who are looking to take up mountain biking as a hobby.

    BMX Bikes

    BMX bikes are largely used for racing or show and there are many BMX afficianados out there who participate in racing or shows or collect them due to their retro splendour!

    Racing Bikes

    Racing bikes or road bikes are bicycles designed for competitive road cycling. The most important characteristics of a racing bike are weight and stiffness which then determine the efficiency of the power of the racers pedal strokes. Handlebars are lower than the saddles and this is to give an aerodynamic posture for the rider.

    Don’t forget!

    There are a few more essentials that you will need to buy before you start your cycling, first up a Cycle Helmet is a must, for safety whilst cycling. You might also want to look at Cycle Clothing or Mountain Bike Accessories to aid and assist you in your quest to be a uber-cool cyclist!

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