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    Building a Bear Box with the Leupold RCX1

    Different types of hunting always offer different types of challenges and this year is no exception.  In preparation for an upcoming wolf hunt in Northwest Ontario, I am sending an RCX1 Leupold game camera up in advance to the outfitter so he can do some recon scouting and perhaps get some good wolf photos in the process!  Knowing that the area is highly populated with bears I set out with a friend to build a “bear box” for the camera. I have learned from past experience that you don’t hang a game camera in the Canadian outdoors unless it is in a good steel box. Bears eat cameras or simply destroy them, perhaps approaching it as a new toy! A camera is something you don’t want to have to replace!

    Our camera box was somewhat of a challenge because it had to be easily accessible and custom fit to the Leupold.  The window openings had to be big enough so as not to restrict the lens “funnel”  and LED window.  We made two mounting holes on the inside of the camera box so that two 2 ½ lag bolts could be placed in the holes in the back of the box and screwed into a tree. A lock receptacle was put on the front for security purposes. The convenient design of the Leupold allows for three screws to be screwed through the back of the box so as to firmly hold the RCX1 in place.

    The front of the camera box is designed like a door with the hinges on the inside. The bottom is also part of the front panel which gives us easy access to the bottom control panel of the RCX1 for changing batteries, checking the memory card, or accessing the USB port outlet.  All in all, it didn’t turn out bad for a couple of amateurs! Actually, my hunting buddy, Travis, is a certified welder, thus making my job easier!

    Building something on your own has a certain amount of gratification and there are so many opportunities in the outdoors to be innovative!  The harvest of a wolf because of our efforts will just add to the thrill.  Why don’t you just get out there and invent something we can all use!!!  Good hunting!


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