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Find a Mentor for your Outdoor Activities

The outdoor world is a big place, with enough activities and techniques to keep you learning for a lifetime. There is no reason you should go it alone.

A mentor can be the most valuable resource no matter what the activity; get over the “I can do it myself” or “I’m shy” mentality.  Not having a mentor leads to improper form, failure, and giving up. Having a mentor will insure form, success, and friendships be they old or new. Hang out at the pro shop and ask questions. Spending time around the people in the know will always yield gems of wisdom, connections to a community, and ultimately  becoming accomplished in the activity you set out to participate in. Having a mentor will also give you an outlet to share that success.

Once you’ve learned enough to contribute to someone else’s education, become a mentor. The rewards are limitless and life enriching.

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