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    How To Pick What Type of Mountain Biker You Are

    Mountain biking can be an extremely exciting sport and depending on your likes and dislikes there has to be a type of biking for you. Starting at the very beginning before you really think about becoming an extreme mountain bike rider you have to make sure that you are in good enough shape to handle all types of terrain. Biking can be a dangerous sport and if you are not well prepared you have a better chance of being injured. The more extreme you get, the better shape you will need to be in. Biking takes a lot of practice so start around your area and get used to the feel of what type of biking you may want to do. All of these types are used in a way of competition and can be extremely dangerous if you try without preparation.

    Cross country biking is a very common type of biking. It involves a lot of different terrains and will occasionally include hills and loops. There are usually set roads for you to follow but depending on the type of road will alter throughout your course.

    • Downhill cycling is one of the most difficult types of riding. Usually downhill is done in competitions and takes the most skilled riders to complete the courses. Most of the time courses are set up on ski resorts during the summer months. They alter the route and make the cyclists go through harder terrain across the resort. Usually the bikers will take the ski lift up to the top knowing that most people would not make it up a ski resort mountain.
    • Dirt Jumping is a newer addition to the mountain biking family. This is when people take bikes out on courses and use the natural layout to perform huge tricks. A lot of the time they will create mounds of dirt to jump over and are judged on the landing and the trick performed.
    • Trials require more manmade obstacles and are performed in a more urban setting. Much like a skate board park or like BMX biking, these bikers use these obstacles to perform the best tricks and to nail the landing. Usually trials are not performed on the mountain or through the country side but still in the mountain biking family.
    • Free ride is a little bit of everything mixed together. This type of riding brings the concepts of every type of riding together ranging from huge tricks to hitting extreme speeds going down a mountain.

    Figuring out what best suits you will require a lot of practice and a lot of time. Also, you want to wear the correct safety gear for any activity so make sure to make a good relationship with your local retailer for further questions.

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