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How To Treat Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a common, debilitating ailment caused by a change of water and food, drinking contaminated water, eating spoiled food, becoming fatigued, and using dirty dishes.

You can avoid most of these causes by practicing preventive medicine.


If you get diarrhea, however, and do not have antidiarrheal medicine, one of the following treatments may be effective:

Limit your intake of fluids for 24 hours.

Drink one cup of a strong tea solution every 2 hours until the diarrhea slows or stops.

The tannic acid in the tea helps to control the diarrhea. Boil the inner bark of a hardwood tree for 2 hours or more to release the tannic acid.

Make a solution of one handful of ground chalk, charcoal, or dried bones and treated water.

If you have some apple pomace or the rinds of citrus fruit, add an equal portion to the mixture to make it more effective.

Take 2 tablespoons of the solution every 2 hours until the diarrhea slows or stops.

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