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    How To Keep Yourself Safe From Leeches

    Leeches are blood-sucking creatures with a wormlike appearance. You find them in the tropics and in temperate zones.

    You will certainly encounter them when swimming in infested waters or making expedient water crossings. You can find them when passing through swampy, tropical vegetation and bogs. You can also find them while cleaning food animals, such as turtles, found in fresh water.

    Leeches can crawl into small openings; therefore, avoid camping in their habitats when possible.

    Keep your trousers tucked in your boots.

    Check yourself frequently for leeches.


    Swallowed or eaten, leeches can be a great hazard.

    It is therefore essential to treat water from questionable sources by boiling or using chemical water treatments.


    Survivors have developed severe infections from wounds inside the throat or nose when sores from swallowed leeches became infected.


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