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    How To Plan Better Camping Meals

    Food can be a driving force for completing a hike or long day of camping activities. Good food can make it all worth it and can even bring people closer together. It doesn’t matte if your camping out of a vehicle or a backpack good planning can make all the difference.

    Don’t be one of those outdoorsmen that plan your meals the night before and who make mad dashes to the super store. At least 2 days before you leave for your camping trip you should take at least an hour and plan out every meal including the amount of water needed and even the tools you will need to make the meal. If your hiking, backpacking or just on the move during your camping trip be sure to plan your meals around your time schedule and your activity schedule. If tomorrow you plan to climb a big mountain than be sure to carbohydrate load the night before and drink plenty of water.

    You also need to plan your snacks around your schedule and plan activity. This will ensure you keep moving all day and enjoy your adventure. The final thing to consider when building out this plan is to think about your capacity load. What this means is how much can you carry and how much should you pack in the car.

    Overall a good meal or a good snack and make all the difference in a camping trip.

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