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    How to be a First Time Camper but Look Like a Pro

    Even though you may be a beginner at camping and you don’t really know what to do there is one easy way to establish your no dummy.

    Practice assembling your tent before you head out on your trip. Being able set up your tent quickly and efficiently is invaluable when your trying to prove your know how. Not to mention knowing how to quickly set up a tent can mean the difference on who gets to eat first and who will stay dry when the rain sets in. On one of my trips I even set up my tent half way though a hike just to get out of the rain and take a mid day nap.

    The second tip I have for any backpacker is to pack your bag the right way for proper weight distribution and pack your bag the same way every time. This allows you to feel your way through your pack in total blindness and find your flashlight, rain cap or even a medical kit. If you pack it the same way every time you know where to find it every time.

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