Review: Your Standout Guide To Energy Gums

Small, compact and easily transportable, these energy gums offer quick boosts when you need it most. It gets a little old, the reaction I get when I say that I don’t drink coffee. As soon as I mention this fact, my listener (and, often, bystanders)… More »

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The Utility Of Plastic Flying Discs At Camp

Ranking high among my essential camping gear inventory is my “camp” Frisbee — that classic, traditional saucer-shaped toy. More generically known as a “flying disc,” the Frisbee has been a staple of my outdoor inventory since my days as a Boy Scout. It’s one of… More »

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Hiking With Dogs: 5 Beginner Tips

Hiking with your dog is a great way to enjoy nature and get in some beneficial exercise outdoors. Sometimes it just makes sense to take your dog along with you while you’re on the trail rather than leave them at home. Dogs can be great… More »


Which National Parks Require Reservations in 2022?

America’s National Park Service is truly a national treasure, protecting some of our most precious and spectacular natural resources. From the most iconic to the smallest and lesser-known, you’ll find breathtaking natural landmarks, diverse wildlife, and endless adventure inside national park boundaries. In recent years,… More »


Skip New Orleans. See Louisiana Instead

Right outside the iconic city of New Orleans, opportunities for outdoor adventures abound The local had a simple question for us, “So, you all been to Louisiana before?” I replied, “No. I mean, we’ve been to New Orleans before, but not Louisiana.” He paused for… More »