Updated 02/06/23 7:34am
5 Must have apps for surfers | ActionHub

5 Must have apps for surfers

Technology has permeated all aspects of our lives, including our outdoor adventures. Surfers, in particular, have loads of apps (some useful, some not-so-much) that they can access in order to improve their surfing experience.   Search “surfing” in any app store, and you’ll get hundreds of…

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Kayaking for beginners | ActionHub

Kayaking for beginners

One of the biggest rushes you can have in a body of water is kayaking. This very versatile sport lets you play in waterfalls, river rapids, lakes, and even the ocean. Kayaking is a fantastic way to get close to nature and explore the world…

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5/24 Canoe Trip – 4 Bass Species and a Bowfishing Blow-out

For the first time this spring, Pete and I returned our canoe to familiar waters. It was nice to have a decent understanding of what we were up against and the payoffs were great. We were paddling upriver by 7:00 a.m. and fished for about…

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First Come, First Serve In BWCA

Planning a canoe trip? If you’re thinking about heading to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, plan early. The rules for permitsare about to change. Visitors to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCA) no longer will have to deal with a…

MI Camping and Recreation Locator-Mobile app

Explore the outdoors at a Michigan state park, forest campground or boat launch. Looking for a place in Michigan to explore the great outdoors? The official Department of Natural Resources Michigan Camping and Recreation Locator app helps you find just the right place. Want to…

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