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Updated 11/26/22 6:02pm
Best National Park Day Hikes | ActionHub

Best National Park Day Hikes

Some of the most stunning landscapes in America are protected within its 59 national parks, and you can reach some of the greatest corners of national heritage while out on day hikes. A lot of them can be done even if you are a beginner,…

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Bamboo the Skateboarding Dog

Bamboo couldn’t decide between the dog park and the skate park, so he went to both! What a doggoned nice day for a ride. He really needs some speed for the slalom.  Watch all of Bamboo’s adventure below.

Elk Knob State Park Well Worth Checking Out

One of the newer state parks in North Carolina is Elk Knoboutside of the city of Boone and the latest state park I checked out. We went there over the Memorial Day Weekend and being a newer park may explain why we were able to…

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Gear Spotlight – Coleman Spotlight

I think it was 3 years ago that I was sent an Energizer headlamp to do a product review for the blog. Here was my report.I still think it is the best headlamp I own, BUT it’s heavy. Well, not really – but when you…

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