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Updated 12/07/22 12:29pm

Columbia Sportswear Review: Preview

I would like to thank Outdoor Hub for yet another great opportunity to tell my readers about great gear. I just received a box of goodies from Columbia Sportswear. So you can look forward to a detail assessment of all three items over the next…

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The Woods Were Alive Around Camp Last Night

This is the first summer that I’ve seen so much wildlife activity much too close to camp. Last evening, my brother and I were sitting out by the fire. We had our backs to the camp road and out of the corner of my eye…

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GROW- Green River Outreach for Wilderness.

When I told my family I planned to take them to Wyoming for a week, my two oldest daughters were less than enthused. “There is nothing for us to do,” bemoaned my oldest 13 year old daughter. “We are going to be

MI Camping and Recreation Locator-Mobile app

Explore the outdoors at a Michigan state park, forest campground or boat launch. Looking for a place in Michigan to explore the great outdoors? The official Department of Natural Resources Michigan Camping and Recreation Locator app helps you find just the right place. Want to…

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Rain, Rain: Deja Vu All Over Again

It’s been raining here quite steadily for two full days now and the forecast calls for another day or two of rain and then showers until the beginning of next week. I’ve been pounding away on my keyboard here all day today because yesterday