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Gear to Bring to a Trail Ragnar Relay

A trail Ragnar Relay is unique from other types of Ragnar Relays because everyone camps together on site, and each leg of the relay is a loop that brings you back to a central area — known at the Ragnar Village. Unlike with a Road…

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5 Best Trail Running Socks for 2021

As a trail runner, I obsess about what I put on my feet. And it’s not just what touches the ground that is important to maintaining or improving my health and performance; I also put a lot of focus on what touches my skin. So…

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ActionHub’s 2021 Adventure Holiday Shopping Guide

All I want for Christmas … is gear! Is there really any other way to finish that sentence? We’ve put together a holiday shopping guide that goes outside the normal stuff you might find online for yourself or any other hikers, backpackers, skiers or other…

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Training For My First Intense Trail Run

Probably the most jarring thing about training for a trail run compared with a road run was the mental toll being off the pavement took. Every root and rock was a hazard, and breaking out of my stride into a “shuffle” when I got tired…

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FITS Best-Hiking-Socks

How to Select the Best Hiking Socks

A marriage of comfort and performance is going to be found in the outdoor market’s best hiking socks, but it’s important to know exactly what to look for It’s not hard to imagine the tail end of an all-day hike, your body having exerted itself…

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