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Garmin Delivers First LTE-Connected Kids Smartwatch

Lots of kids these days have smartphones, but for youngsters who may not quite be ready for such a device, Garmin has released a new product that can help bridge that gap. Called Bounce, this kids smartwatch with LTE connectivity lets parents easily communicate with…

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Recycled Ocean Plastic Is At The Heart Of New Helly Hansen Clothing

One of the most notable movements in premium adventure and athletic clothing is the incorporation of fabric created from recycled ocean plastics. Denmark-based running-apparel company Rockay does it, as does backpack-manufacturer Got-Bag and trail clothier LIVN with its Ecotrek Pants — these companies often use…

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True Craft: Recognizing Premium Axes Amid The Pack

There is a precision and mobility that companies such as Sweden’s Hults Bruk imbue into their family of premium axes If you swung a premium axe, you’d know it immediately. The grip, the balance, the precision of the edge — nothing from a typical chain…

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