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True Craft: Recognizing Premium Axes Amid The Pack

There is a precision and mobility that companies such as Sweden’s Hults Bruk imbue into their family of premium axes If you swung a premium axe, you’d know it immediately. The grip, the balance, the precision of the edge — nothing from a typical chain…

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Gear to Bring to a Trail Ragnar Relay

A trail Ragnar Relay is unique from other types of Ragnar Relays because everyone camps together on site, and each leg of the relay is a loop that brings you back to a central area — known at the Ragnar Village. Unlike with a Road…

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5 Best Trail Running Socks for 2021

As a trail runner, I obsess about what I put on my feet. And it’s not just what touches the ground that is important to maintaining or improving my health and performance; I also put a lot of focus on what touches my skin. So…

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