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rock climbing

4 Reasons to Try Rock Climbing

If you have never gone rock climbing before, then the sport may seem a little bit intimidating to you. However, it is a wonderful sport and there are many great reasons why you should consider checking it out. Here are some reasons to try rock…

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workouts for rock climbers

Great Workouts for Rock Climbers

For rock climbers, being strong, physically fit, and agile are extremely important for success. After all, it takes a lot of muscle strength and endurance to get all the way up the face of a rock wall. So, here are some great workouts for rock…

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avoiding bears

Great Tips for Avoiding Bears While Hiking

Although bears are magnificent creatures, you really do not want to run into them on your hiking adventures, especially if you do not have any bear spray on you. Here are some great tips for avoiding bears, which could just save your life. Do not…

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snowboarding events

The Best Live Snowboarding Events to Attend

Snowboarding is a great sport to participate in. Many people retreat to the mountains during the colder months of the year to carve through fresh powder, get some exercise, and get away from their day jobs. However, it is not only participating in snowboarding that…

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challenging ski runs

The World’s Most Challenging Ski Runs

Throughout the world, there are thousands of ski mountains and many of them have difficult trails. However, some ski trails have earned a reputation as being the most challenging in the world. If you are an expert skier, then you may have fun skiing these…

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dangerous winter sports

Top Five Most Dangerous Winter Sports

Many winter sports involve a certain level of risk. However, some are considerably more dangerous than others. Here are five of the top most dangerous winter sports that are out there. Be very careful if you participate in these winter sports. Ski Aerials Ski aerials…

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dog sledding

Great Places to Go Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding is quite the adventure. You get to experience nature in all of its glory all while going for a fun ride. Plus you get to hang out with dogs! So, for people who love both dogs and winter sports, it doesn’t get any…

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