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Why You Need to Ditch the Budget Tent

The dozens of varieties you can find in tents can be overwhelming. Do you choose a dome, tunnel, backpacking, weekend or inflatable tent? You can even choose between a single or double skinned tent. This amount of choice can seem overwhelming, and it might seem…

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Watch: Hikers Dangerously Close to Lava

The authorities at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park are discouraging people from hiking to get a close look at the flowing lava which is pouring into the ocean. Lava flowing around this area isn’t unusual, but what is different this time is the rate in which…

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Watch: Huge Avalanche in Telluride, Colorado

There were spectacular scenes as visitors and residents of Telluride got to witness a massive avalanche cascade down the mountainside. In the video, it gets off to what appears to be a relatively slow start. It soon picks up momentum, though, and you can get…

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Basic Rules of Water Polo | ActionHub

Water Polo Is One of the Fastest Growing Sports in US

Water polo has now gained recognition for being one of the fastest growing sports in the US, especially at a high school level. The National Federation of High Schools (NFHS), along with data from USA Water Polo (USAWAP), has shown that national membership has risen…

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Knowing Your North: Magetic vs True North

These days, in a world of fast internet, GPS and cell phones, the art of map and compass reading is on the decline. It’s easy to rely on technology for nearly all of our problems, and most of the time, this is perfectly fine. However,…

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3 Simple Ways to Brew Coffee Outdoors

There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by nature, possibly on a frosty day and enjoy a perfect cup of coffee. If you’re camping, you may be out for several days, and if you’re anything like us, it’s important to wake up to your normal coffee…

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How to Photograph a Star Trail

Watching the stars light up the night sky is a truly stunning sight. You can get lost just staring at the depth of the sky. Without the proper camera gear and knowledge, it can be hard to capture the amazing night sky in a picture.…

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Gym Exercises to Help You Tackle Any Obstacle Race

The popularity of obstacle races is forever on the up and there are now a wide variety of races available throughout the world, of varying difficulties. They’re tough, both physically and mentally, requiring preparation beforehand if you want to finish it strongly. Most of these…

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How to Maintain the New Year Resolution

For many, a new year offers a sense of a fresh start. Although it’s simply a flip of a calendar, it’s a great time to put into action the thoughts and wants you’ve had for a long time. Often, they’re based around fitness goals, be…

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