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How to Get up On One Waterski

As a natural progression from being able to ski with two skis, the challenge is to learn how to ski with one. This adds an interesting dynamic to the sport, allowing you to go faster and carve easier. If you want to get… More »

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5 Beginner Wakeboard Tricks to Learn First

When you’re getting started with the sport, you’ll soon want to learn tricks. After all, that’s most of the fun when it comes to wakeboarding because it offers variety and a constant challenge. When learning, though, as much as it’s important to push your… More »


Official Skim USA 2017 Tour Schedule

Skim USA is an organization focussed on promoting the sport of skimboarding, particularly for the youth. The organization works closely with a team of volunteers, as well as surf shops, in order to provide competitions throughout the US. They also offer a scholarship program in… More »

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Cold Water Swimming Tips

Swimming is one of the best sports around for overall fitness and health. Due to the nature of the sport, there is little impact on joints and you’re working all of your major muscle groups at one time. Over time, you can notice great cardiovascular and… More »

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Ice Fishing Ultimate Starter’s Guide

One you have prepared yourself for the cold and dressed in the appropriate warm clothing, you may think you are ready to begin ice fishing. However, there are a few other things that you need to consider before attempt to catch the biggest winter… More »