The changing of the leaves attracts hikers to the mountains. Image by Marty Basch.

Hike to These Northeastern Peaks This Autumn

When it comes to foliage, the northeastern United States attracts the masses. With millions of people driving from hubs like Boston, New York and Philadelphia, hikers are looking to step up to some of the finest vantage points around during Mother Nature’s annual… More »

Chattanooga's Tennessee River serves up autumn scenery. Image courtesy Chattanooga Visitors Bureau.

7 Great Fall Getaways

The hills are alive with red, amber, and gold. Wood stoves are firing up, frost may be on the pumpkin, and fleece returns to fashion. Fall seems to go too fast so make the most of it while you can. Hike, bike, paddle, or try something a… More »

It's easy to find this trailhead. Image by Marty Basch.

Riding by a Rocket

In the relative cool of a sleepy Sunday morning before the heat and humidity got out of bed, the deer bounded across the dirt. The white-tailed wonder leaped into the protection of the forest, found the spot it deemed safe and turned with curious outstretched ears… More »

Denali stands tall at 20,237 feet. Image courtesy of U.S. Department of the Interior.

Denali Gets Its Name Back

Time to update the apps, guidebooks and maps. The name of North America’s tallest peak has come full circle. Known for generations by Alaska’s Koyukon Athabaskan people as Denali, the 20,237-foot peak was officially named Mount McKinley in 1917 after President William McKinley. Now the… More »