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5 Alternatives to the Traditional Squat | ActionHub

5 Alternatives to the Traditional Squat

For any gym-goer, the squat has now become a staple exercise in the weekly routine. This is for good reason; they’re demanding and really push your body in several key areas at once. Additionally, if done correctly, squats help to improve flexibility and can encourage… More »


Review: Top Three Value Fitness Trackers

Are you an avid fitness fanatic or have you made getting into shape your new goal? Whatever your interest in exercise and fitness, the advancement in wearable technology and gadgets has made getting fit and monitoring your routines easier than it has ever been. The… More »

An Introduction to Sandboarding | ActionHUb

An Introduction to Sandboarding

Swap the balaclavas for bikinis and the snow for sand. Sandboarding is often thought of as the warmer, more bearable version of snowboarding. However, they do come with their differences and this is why it deserves its own introduction. Sandboarding (or also known as sand sledding)… More »

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3 Tips for Better Phone Photography

When you’re traveling, you see impressive sights that you cannot help but capture. However, unless you’ve got a particularly creative eye, it can be hard to really capture the scene the way you see it. Some may think that you need an expensive DSLR camera,… More »