Actionhub Videos




    Pushing Limits

    Pushing Limits chronicles the Grand 2 Grand Ultra, a 170-mile race through mountain ranges, cliff faces & miles of high desert terrain. Living on only what they can carry on their back, participants test their fortitude and determination to survive this intense journey.


    Facing Waves

    Facing Waves is North America’s first & only paddlesports TV series featuring recreational paddling, sea kayaking, canoeing, whitewater paddling & stand up paddling by top athletes in stunning location around the world.


    Shifted Cinema

    Shifted Cinema is dedicated to delivering the most dynamic aerial shots the world has ever seen. Their versatile fleet of helicopters delivers the shots most have only dreamed of. This is no GoPro operation.


    KGB Snow

    KGB Snow Sports captures amazing footage of snow sports in the Tetons, Yellowstone and Wyoming.